About FNM

The current incarnation of fnm.com is run directly by Faith No More, with the intention of providing a direct information source for fans and friends alike. Hopefully this will serve as the main conduit for all official announcements, show confirmations, and be able to provide a starting point for all things FNM. It was created in February 2009, upon the announcement of the band to reform after over 10 years. It is also seen as a continuation of the original fnm.com.

Fnm.com, initially born as Website of the Year, was created entirely by Faith No More fans (credits below). The site made its debut on June 2, 1997. The webmasters lived on three separate continents, and this site was put together entirely through Internet communication: e-mail, IRC and iParty. Hundreds of FNM fans from around the world have contributed information to this site electronically, via the World Wide Web, e-mail, mailing lists, newsgroups and IRC.

In April 1998, Faith No More had decided to split which ulitmately lead to the the community that produced fnm.com to also disband. For the next ten years the website would remain on visable on the Internet as an artifact, with no changes occuring to it.

As of February 2009, with Faith No More reunited and with plans to tour, come the next stage of fnm.com

This site was made possible by: David Cox, Brandon McInnis, Billy Gould, Agatha Samborska, Simone Turkington, and all of the fans who have contributed information, photos, audio, video, reviews and enthusiasm to this site, especially the members of the Caca Volante Mailing List, the fans who posted on alt.music.faith-no-more, the people who hang out on a certain IRC channel (You know who you are), and everyone else that has kept the FNM spirit alive all of these years.

Original Team: Heather Scott (USA), Mike Leach (USA), Agatha Samborska (Australia), Stefan Negele (Germany), David Cox (Australia), Andy Couch (USA), Star Leigh Wall (USA), Heather Leah Kennedy (USA), Simone Turkington (Australia), Mike Altman (USA) and Danimal (USA). Further thanks: Jason Zolghadr, Henrick Johnsen, Karl Reinsch, Kevin Maynard, Craig Edwards, Andrew Bowie, Omri Grinberg and Steve Price.

The original website continues to be viewable for historical purposes at http://old.fnm.com.